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Cycling the Google Route


Smashed from his bicycle by an articulated truck Royston Wood found himself unable to complete a long planned for 875 mile cycling event. Battling the demons of failure he devised a plan to ride a similar distance across the UK from Land’s End to John O’Groats. With only a few days to plan the whole trip he delegated the routing to Google Maps. Cycle routing was brand new and in beta testing: what could go wrong…

This self-help resource is designed to provide everything you need to plan, prepare and train for your End to End cycle. It is part of a series of books I have written to complete this challenge successfully:

Land's End to John O'Groats: Self Help Cycle Guide tells you how to plan, prepare and train for this epic adventure.

End to End Cycle Route - A Safer Way:  this self-help resource is designed to provide everything you need to map your End to End cycle safely – either following my route in its entirety or deviating from it to suit your requirements.

Sample Amazon reviews:

"I read this in a couple of days as it's so hard to put down.  My wife & I would like to do LEJOG on a tandem & this looks to be the most suited route for us. Written in a way that means you can't help but be there suffering along with Roy. Anyone who has cycled a fair distance in bad weather can't help but smile at the discomfort suffered by Roy as his humour gets him through.  Eagerly awaiting the next adventure."

"This book is a fantastic read, I wouldn't say I am a massive reader but I had to keep reading this book. I never seem to finish books quickly but I read this one in three days. It's funny, it's honest and it gets your adrenalin going in places just reading it! I love the way it is written!  I loved the book, I love the humour. The way it is worded has me laughing out loud."

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