Honestly, this is the end!

For those who have read the book:

If you’ve slogged all the way through the book to here then well done: you have proven that you have the endurance and dogged determination to endure your way through just about anything.  A mere end to end will hold no fears for you.  Set forth on your path with confidence.

For those who are in the shop deciding to buy [did you see what I did there – positive action reinforcement, not ‘deciding whether to buy’] and have flicked to the end to see what sort of conclusion has been reached:

You now have all the answers you need to plan and complete that Land’s End to John O’Groats [or vice versa] ride you’ve always talked about doing but never got around to.  You can now plan, train for and ride your route with confidence.  You no longer have any excuses.  Put a cross on the calendar and start planning!

LEJOG - This is the end

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