GPX Files - Side to Side

To download the gpx files for the route cycled in 'Cycling from Side to Side...with a Troll' please click on the Zip button below. This should download a zipped folder containing 10 gpx files.

Please note that the route is from Lowestoft to St David's, returning as far as Swansea and goes to each of the B&Bs stayed at during the journey.

The GPX files are only readable by a navigation device, like a sat nav.  I understand they can be loaded onto smart phones with the right apps loaded.  This is becasue they are basically just lists of numbers and coordinates that will mean nothing with out the devices inbuilt programming.

If you want to be able to view the route on a map there are a number of websites that will enable you to upload your gpx files for this purpose.  I would suggest going to .  Click on 'course creator' then 'load route' then 'choose file'.  Browse for the first of the gpx files and click 'open'.  Then click 'upload route'.  The route should appear on the map.  There are good instructions on the bikehike website on how to amend and adapt the route if you wish to do so.

Alternatively, if you just want to view the route use the links to Google Maps contained in the book and replicated for easy click linkage below:

Day 1 – Lowestoft to Colchester

Day 2a – Colchester to Greenwich

Day 2b – Greenwich to Oakley Hotel

Day 3a – Oakley Hotel to Hampton Court

Day 3b – Hampton Court to Newbury

Day 4a – Newbury to Bath

Day 4b – Bath to Caerphilly

Day 5a – Caerphilly to Kenfig Hill

Day 5b – Kenfig Hill to Solva

Day 6 – Solva to Swansea via St David’s